End of life - Product Destruction

We specialize in products destruction from any manufacturer or comercial entity.

Proudly serving all Brazilian companies shredding and destructions services available to government & manufactures.

There are numerous instances where businesses or government agencies may possess products or materials that must be destroyed. These may include recalled product, defective product, expired product, customer returns, overstock inventory, off-spec product, packaging errors, damaged goods, seized goods.

Regardless of what the product may be, if there is a potential to cause harm or for the product to be sold off market, then landfill is not the solution as there is virtually zero security for your company or your product when you send these goods to landfill.

ERS do Brasil utilizes a variety of shredding and de-packaging processes to ensure complete destruction of sensitive inventories. The goods are also separately collected and recycled when possible.

Carbon Credit

Carbon credits, also known as carbon offsets, are permits that allow the owner to emit a certain amount of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases.
One credit permits the emission of one ton of carbon dioxide or the equivalent in other greenhouse gases.

ERS do Brasil offers carbon credit to all entities of goverment and companies.

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ERS do Brasil recycling process from pick up to certificate delivery
  • 1. Request for pick up
    Using the E2MS system the client requests a pick up.
  • 2. Receiving Materials
    After weighing the load on ERS's premises photos will be taken for future reference.
  • 3. Manual Separation
    Products will go through a manual separation process. After the completion of this manual separation process a final report will be issued listing all products received.
  • 4. Mechanical Process
    After the manual separation, all parts will go through a recycling process. Our mechanical process consists of 7 production lines, each line is specialized on a kind of material such as:
    - Boards
    - Plastic
    - Glass
    - Cables
  • 5. Certificate Issuance
    As part of our reliability process, and as determined by the Solid Waste Regulation, we issue, after processing each batch, a certificate proving the environmentally correct disposal of all materials.
  • 6. Results
    The final result after the mechanical process is raw material in powder form.


ERS do Brasil powder from recycling metals
ERS do Brasil powder from recycling plastic
ERS do Brasil powder from recycling metals
ERS do Brasil powder from recycling plastic
ERS do Brasil powder from recycling glass
Glass Granulator