Mission ERS International prides itself behind state-of-the-art, proprietarily engineered, eWaste processing technologies. Our advanced refining has allowed for exceptional return to our clients and our upcycling methodologies have provided beneficial environmental results. Due to these efforts, ERS International is a true, zero residual company.

No Landfilling

No Emissions

No Incineration

Helping our environment & our customers achieve affirmative Corporate Social Responsibility

Vision At ERS International, our vision is to be the world's most environmentally influential electronics recycling company. Our cutting-edge technologies have allowed us to revolutionize the landscape of modern recycling. Our experienced team of visionaries and professionals provide innovative, dream-to-reality solutions. Our commitment – To assure we stay globally progressive with environmental ingenuity.

Values Caring for the environment and our customers go hand-in-hand. As far as we're concerned, one can't work without the other. Our integral promise is to consciously and consistently maintain a beneficial, sustainable relationship with our earth and the people who live on it.

in Brazil

Launched in 2013, this branch began operation in 2014, serving customers in the Midwest region

Size 5.000 m²
Capacity 400 ton/month

ERS do Brasil branches in Brazil


We count on the collaboration of a team of competent professionals, selected in their specific areas of specialties, to enable an efficient and qualified development of our production processes.

Team ERS do Brasil working at our factory in Indaiatuba